Arrow Films to release “Christiane F” DVD (UK)

Arrow Films to release “Christiane F” DVD (UK)

A powerful, gritty and disturbingly accurate film about young girl turning to drugs and prostitution to escape the banality of life in a grey council estate in Berlin. Beautifully acted by a cast of unknowns and starring David Bowie as the voice of a generation, this film will stay in your mind long after the credits have rolled.

From the director of the award winning Last Exit to Brooklyn, BAFTA nominated Uli Edel.

Based on the true story of Christiane F, who at 13 became addicted to Heroin and turned to prostitution.

Christiane discovers a place called “The Sound”, a seedy teen hangout infested with drugs and dealers only too happy to feed Valium and Heroin to kids eager to escape their dreary reality. She meets Detlef, who starts using heroin soon after they become a couple. Scared of losing him to the drug, Christiane also beings using and in her desperation soon finds herself selling her body on the street trying to support their habit.

A dark and powerful film about the brutal reality of an addiction to Heroin.

The DVD will be released on the 16th November 2009 and will be available at