REVIEW:- Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (1990) (DVD)

REVIEW:- Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (1990) (DVD)

Region: 2
Country of Release: United Kingdom
Country of Origin: America
Distributor: Network


  • It’s the third part of a series that isn’t complete crap. It managed average and should be bought by fans/horror hardcore only. I think that’s a pro?
  • Original stereo soundtrack.


  • It’s the softer TV version.
  • Could’ve done with a more atmospheric 5.1 upmix to complement the stereo track.
  • Just a trailer? Would’ve liked a featurette about the problems on set meaning two directors fusing their work together.
  • It’s just a joke of itself.

The Film:
After the success of Prom Night and Prom Night II, it was only a matter of time before a third installment was unleashed amongst the cult following of the first two. The third film of the series follows high school student Alex (Tim Conlon) who aspires to become a medical student and achieve his dream of one day becoming a doctor. One problem though. He’s an average student. He’s of average height. He even has the average sized feet. Nothing is particularly great about Alex’s life apart from his relationships with his girlfriend Sarah (Cyndy Preston) and his best friend Shane (David Stratton). However, these relationships quickly deteriorate as the film progresses forming a nice sort of sub plot. Why do they deteriorate? Well, Mary Lou is back from the dead and helping Alex become an honour role student, a star of the football team and a bit more popular. One minor problem. To do this, Mary Lou is killing anyone that stands in Alex’s way and then using her sexual prowess in order to get Alex to dispose of the bodies. But things get worse. Much worse. With ‘Prom Night’ fast approaching, his parents buy him a motorcycle to celebrate his continued success with his schoolwork but both his girlfriend Sarah and best friend Shane cut themselves off to him. When the bodies are discovered, Alex decides to dump Mary Lou which just infuriates her and her homicidal tendencies.

Prom Night III is a very average film. During the late 1980’s the whole teen slasher thing was starting to wind down (before being resurrected in the late 1990’s) and unfortunately, this film is one of many second rate sequels that came out in this time. The film does it’s best to mix comedy and horror, which, when done right, can make way for a great and entertaining film. The comedy here, however, just makes you groan. The film would’ve been better had it followed the same styling as the first film (which starred Jamie Lee Curtis in her ‘glory’ years) but unfortunately, it would rather try and make fun of itself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a watchable enough film, but it’s just not a true slasher. The second problem for me, are that several scenes seem to be shot in different styles. This is probably a problem stemming from the usage of two directors (who aren’t brothers) who more than likely had different ideas and different visions for the film.

As a whole, I would recommend this film to the horror hardcore, or those looking for a night in with mates and a few beers. Those looking for a serious horror film, will be deeply disappointed.

The DVD:

Network DVD have presented the film in the original aspect ratio of 4:3. The picture is pretty average and there are no unwatchable parts on the print. The first scene comes across as very grainy but after that, it’s a decent enough print. The colours are clear (though ever so slightly dark), but it is a lot better than the extremely poor VHS quality picture of the American release.

Only one audio track to report of, but it’s the original English stereo track which is fine by me. A 5.1 track would’ve been nice for the creepy atmospheric music for the film, but not absolutely neccessary. Dialogue is clear throughout and at a constant level. Again, distinctly average.

Network have given us more than what you normally get for a horror sequel from the late 80’s. A trailer. Unfortunately, that’s the lot, although the trailer is pretty entertaining and doesn’t give away the major plot points of the film. An audio commentary or some interviews would’ve been nice.

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